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September 06, 2008



The Colonel serves up the chicken while the organist serves up noodles.


A friend of mine wrote an interesting article about Harland Sanders. Apparently he wasn't a real colonel, but instead obtained his honorary colonelcy for doing humanitarian work in Haiti. The secret herbs and spices used in his famous recipe are apparently the same herbs and spices used in Haitian zombification rituals. The article was accompanied by a real photograph of Sanders looking at his own grave.

Listener Kliph

Herschel Gordon Lewis said years later that since this (and all of his) film(s) were so low-budget he couldn't afford to cater food for the cast and crew, so he cut a deal with Sanders - in exchange for the free publicity in the film he'd supply cast and crew with a steady supply of bucket chicken. Sanders did the same thing for another drive-in schlockmeister named Al Admanson in his film Hell's Bloody Devils.

Debbie D

Mmmmmm. Zombies.


I love all of HG Lewis' movies. Sanders had an oral contract with the guy in the film: free chicken for good soft music. The band received their chicken, but Sanders received music that was neither good nor soft. He should have sued.

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