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October 18, 2008



Makes me wanna crumple something.


Band montaaaaage!


Bonus points if you recognize the nod to the transformation scene at the end of "altered states". But, with PIPE WRENCHES! Ahhh, the 80s'. WTF was up with that hair? If it wasn't for the Music Faucet I don't think I would have survived that decade.


Now, now...at least our parachute pants weren't hanging 5 inches off our asses. Sure, we perfected the mullet, fade and rat-tail, but we can't be blamed for the faux-hawk...


Ah ha! Here it is.
No pipe wrenches though...

Wendy del Formaggio

I actually like their "Head Over Heels" more than "Take On Me," but both were pretty fun.

Jonathan Steinke

Haven't laughed that hard in years!

Kip W

A worthy undertaking, well executed. It would have really made my day if they'd used "Ro-to-scope" for the chorus one time, but how could they have known I'd be watching it? The video was always better than the song (traced or not), but now the song is pulling ahead! But wait; the video is pulling out a pipe wrench!


glad to know someone else was a huge fan of AL TV!


You asked for it, and you got it.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version)"

BTW, I loved Al TV, a definite inspiration for this meme.

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