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October 02, 2008


Andrew B.



Its like a traffic accident, you feel sorry for everybody involved but you can't stop looking..

Sean Daily

Like I told Irwin, Hatch... I don't need TWO presidential messiahs this early in the morning. Dubya (who was, after all, chosen by God to lead America) is bad enough. I don't need two more.

Waitaminnit... I have an idea. Hey God! Yeah, you! the big guy with the long beard! Can't you sweep up all these millennial motherfuckers to heaven or something and let us sane and rational people try to fix the planet? Just tell 'em it's the Rapture or something; they'll be kidney-punching each other to be the first in line. kthxbai


here's sarah's alternate, more rockin' performance:


cheap shot

I have a flute she can play.

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