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October 15, 2008



So what's on the other side? Someone posted a version of Mrs. Robinson by Prima, maybe WFMU, that is more up his alley. Was it this disc?

Mr Fab

I posted "Mrs Robinson" on my blog Music For Maniacs recently. It's a different album, but same late-career/life time period. That album, "Blast Off!," is really good, a real swinger, nothing like this. I've been meaning to record the rest of it (along with a million other things I've been meaning to record).

Krys O.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Louis Prima fan but I was disappointed when I heard his cover of "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden." Perhaps it was an outtake.

Johnny V

This LP is very strange. My version was released on Louis Prima's own label Prima One, a division of Louis Prima Enterprises, Inc. 279 E. Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas. On the back cover, bassist Rolly Di Iorio is credited with vocals on both Rose Garden and I left my heart in San Francisco. Louie sings four of twelve songs on this. His voice is still pretty good.

Michael Lerner

I remember as a kid watching Louis sing part of Rose Garden on Merv Griffen. At the age of 12 or so I can remember feeling that this was a man well beyond his prime. But he can be forgiven - I saw the video "The Wildest" and cannot think of any performer who was on top of his game as long as he was.


Have to put in my two cents here...I'm so happy to own this record, especially for the version of "rose garden", as it puts the term "unbelievable" to new heights. Sure, if you are a die-hard Prima fan it's kinda tough to visualize this once great performer on the stage of a run down, seedy side street casino, playing a nearly empty room with only one drunken elder couple smooching over the dancefloor - this is how this track sounds. But if you file it under "incredibly strange music" it is SO MUCH FUN to listen to it!

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