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October 14, 2008



Thanks for reminding me about Pork Queen. I have the "Strang" album somewhere in my collection. I'll dig it out tonight and give it a listen. I recall the songs sounding like creaky bedsprings and fans brushing against guitar strings.


I can't believe you just posted this...About a month ago I got a copy of Pork Queen's Sunspot Gila 7" as well as the wonderful Trackshun 7" comp Optional Ingredients From a Vile Recipe. That one had kustom kovers too, painted, every-one.

All the vile recipes impressed me, and I'm on a search for more. One day I hope to find volume two, the one with the Supreme Dicks on it, but in the meantime I'll have to settle for my platter of Pork n' Horsey.


pork queenie?

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