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November 07, 2008



Aha - using the inflation calculator here http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl

I have determined that 40 cents (not 4 cents as I mistakenly wrote above) in 1985 has the same buying power as 81 cents in 2008.

Therefore, if 195 gum-wrapping comics are worth .81, we can calculate:

32/.81 = 39.5


39.5 x 195 = 7703 comics would cover a $32 bar tab in 2008, according to my calculations, which is certainly more manageable in terms of carrying the currency in question, but good luck finding a bartender who's going to count them all out - or take any as a tip.


The new Bazooka Joe 2.0 features things like text messaging in the "story"lines. For a while there they were printed on the obverse of the actual wrapper unreadable, that seems to have stopped. I never did get a tiny tool set.


Inflation notwithstanding, I would think that at least a few of the original Bazooka Joe wrappers would be worth some money as collectors' items, since so many of them were thrown away immediately. But who knows... I hear you can still find original roadside Burma Shave signs pretty cheap sometimes.


I recently bid on a lot of 495 Bazooka Joe Comics on ebay.
I did not get them, as they went for over $150
Guess you'll have to re-think your math.


Thank you Bob! This is precisely the kind of information I needed.

The answer is 105.6!

495/150=3.33 for $1

3.33 x 32 = 105.6

oh, and of course tip the bartender, so add 20%.

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