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November 12, 2008



Damn! Someone's discovered my plans.... all to waste, all to waste...



I would've thought that the way to do this would be to attach the toast to the cat's stomach (butter side toward the cat). hence the non buttered side of the toast's anti gravity force is coupled with the back of the cat's anti gravity force.

i guess i think of repulsion more that attraction here as the desired force...perhaps i'm just negative.

all the best!


didn't gallagher cover this like, 30 years ago?


Or you could just butter both sides of a piece of toast...


You could probably save yet more money by buttering neither side of the toast

Baboon Dooley

Corn. I just can't get it to digest right.


In fact, take away the toast, butter and the cat and you have a perpetual motion machine.


Huzzah! Our energy crisis will soon come to an end!


Just read the Wik entry -- "or legs"?

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