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November 15, 2008


fatty jubbo

yeesh. "Zany" is right. What a group of bores...yet I'm compelled to watch the whole thing. I do appreciate that they don't yell though- like all the younger zany DJs do these days....or maybe it's just all the compression that makes it feel like Mancow's disgusting goteed pockmarked face is smooshed against my ear,


3 seconds into this clip, I immediately developed a rash from listening to there voices, and closed the clip. Watching this piece is as enticing a watching genital warts being removed.

Listener James from Westwood

Thanks, Fatty and Kreb, for giving me a hint of what the video was. I'd love a one-line description by the poster of what we're in for with these video posts. (In today's radio market, "radio jagoffs" covers a massive amount of ground.)


Nice video,thanks for sharing

Listener bkd

Hey, be fair now. They're also television jagoffs. Multimedia, baby! True double threats.

why isn't Dave the Spazz on this?

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