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December 16, 2008



What a picture. I got to meet Blago once, when I accidentally sat at Mayor Daley's table at Art Chicago. He was personable, but mainly because every time I look at the guy, I see a chubby little Roman Polanski.


He looks like the perfect 80's movie villain.


What a deplorable scumbag this guy is. Let's hope he goes to jail where he belongs. And like it or not, I think we're gonna find folks associated with Obama are integrally connected to this douchebag's schemes, hopefully not Obama himself. Rom Emanuel is pretty much toast....


Why? Because you say he is? Rahm Emmanuel may or may not have had a meeting with the governor to determine who was going to fill Obama's seat, which in and of itself is not a criminal act. When asked today whether Emmanuel had any discussions with the governor's staff, Obama had this to say:

"There is nothing in the review that was presented to me that in any way contradicted my earlier statements that this appalling set of circumstances that we've seen arise had nothing to do with my office and that, you know, those facts will be forthcoming to all of you in due course."

Seems pretty straightforward to me. He also mentioned that the review was "thorough and comprehensive," so the question is: do you have some insider information you'd like to share? Maybe something along the lines of "this Rob Manuel guy is SO history."


look dude, right now no one is guilty of anything, including this jackass power-hungry governor. But the media has been doing nothing except telling sordid stories of Illinois and Chicago politics 24 x 7 since this came out. Each one amazes me more than the last - this place is a cesspool of corruption. Four of the last seven governors went to jail, the deplorable history of Chicago mayors, Dan Rostenkowski, so on and so on. All I'm saying is that it's a bit hard to believe that Obama and all his people from that machine (he appointed another Chicago person in his cabinet today) would just happen to be the only clean ones in this despicable mafia of Chicago/Illinois politics. Is he guilty of anything yet - no way. And I hope he didn't do anything. I friggin voted for the guy. But politicians are politicians - and he's no doubt a politician in the classic sense. Not so much "change" yet with his cabinet appointments right?

I hope he's clean, but every day that goes by and the more that comes out, it's looking weird. And that Tony Rezco (sp?) guy announced today (from jail) that he's now gonna talk more in his investigation. If I were Obama or his folks I'd be very nervous about that one. Rezco is connected well with this governor scumbag very much - even the liberal MSNBC is reporting that.

Much much more will be told on this mess....


Politicians, even in the classic sense, are just people. And even if the mainstream media does nothing but focus their aim exclusively on Illinois politics as the subject of scrutiny, corruption exists EVERYWHERE. You yourself acknowledge that, by incorporating a cliche like "politician in the classic sense" into your repertoire. My only point remains, Rahm Emmanuel isn't toast quite yet. Assuming that he is based on speculation is foolhardy. Espousing it as a prediction, even more so.

Obama's a politician, sure. Don't believe for one second that Illinois is any more corrupt than anywhere else. Total smokescreen. Fitzgerald's investigation reinforces those memes, but he operates out of Chicago, and the president-elect is a Chicago politician. If this was Texas we were talking about, there'd be no discussion of how corrupt Texas politicians are. And yet they are. Chicago is corrupt as Hell, no question. But when we discuss the disproportionate corruption of Illinois compared to other states, we are helping to spread a prominent, and disingenuous, Republican sentiment. Liberal = corrupt. Ted Kennedy and Barbara Streisand giving everybody gay abortions. The reality is: our modern democracy is specifically designed to bleed dry what remains of the middle class, and subjugate the very poor.


Oh, and since we so often lump Chicago politicians and the mob together, which admittedly is not always unwarranted, it is important to remember that when people needed protection, they looked for Capone. To borrow another cliche, he was a wolf in wolf's clothing, which is worlds better than being a politician.


What Jim said makes sense. I mean, hell, 'FMU's situated in friggin' New Jersey, possessor of one of the most thoroughly corrupt political establishments in the country, both on a state and a regional level. (Ever look into the history of Atlantic City's civic record? Sheesh. And don't tell me McGreevey resigned merely because of sweetheart deals to his gay lover.) Not unlike Chicago, Jersey's also saturated with mob influence as well, and that's something you're never gonna entirely dispose of.

Oh, well. A search for angels anywhere in politics usually comes up empty anyway.

Listener Greg G.

Can someone please verify whether or not that is a hairpiece on top of the Governor's head?


Viva Homosocialism, Fats! But seriously, Barry missed a great opportunity with the fall of Blago. According to the wiretaps, Blago is heard complaining that Barry's folks wouldn't offer him more than their appreciation for his suggested replacement. To this, Blago suggested that Barry was a motherfucker. Now, if I was Barry, I'd have hit that press conference with the following...

"Good evening. Early today, FBI wiretaps were released suggesting that the Governor of Illinois called me a 'motherfucker' for not offering a bribe. I take great umbrage at that assertion. I am, in fact, a _badass_ motherfucker. You see, it's written right here on my wallet ( reaches into pants pocket, fumbles a bit, and produces a leather wallet for the cameras with the embossed words 'badass motherfucker' ) That is all."

If Bush could speak in code to his base, why not Barry? Maybe I should offer consulting service to the guy...


K - hilarious. Now that would make good TV!

Maybe good 'ole Rom can send some dead fish to Fitzgerald. That's change we can believe in....


It's Rahm, dude. R-A-H-M. And yeah, you sure sound like an Obama voter.


Actually I voted for him twice, dude - in the primaries too. But I am becoming more dismayed every day at his cabinet choices and this Blogo mess. And my main beef is that ROM jackass. Here's a guy who's famous for telling Republicans to "fuck off" and who once sent a dead fish in the mail to an opponent. Didn't Obama say he'd bring a change to the "tone and demeanor of partisan Washington politics"? So you appoint a guy who behaves like that to be one of your closest and most trusted people?? How will that improve the tone of politics in Washington. C'mon...

Some of his choices have been strong - I love Bill Richardson. But this ROM jackass is pure poison and a poster child for what's wrong in Washington, and I expected better from Obama.


Thanks for your votes. I voted for him thrice. Also, love how you intentionally misspell Rahm's name, very clever; just like you his last name in your initial post, or how you misspell almost everyone else's name in every post. I'm sorry, as far as I'm concerned, if you haven't even the decency to learn their names and use them correctly without prodding, if you lack the simple curiosity to pursue and commit to memory even the most basic information about a person, and especially those you so frothily seek to diminish, your expert opinion as to their qualifications, moral character, presumed inclination to dissemblance, or lack thereof, means very little to me.

I dislike the Emmanuel choice very much, but you know something? I'm not the freaking president, so whining about it really does no good. And if anyone deserves to be told "fuck off," it's the God damned Republicans. You're disappointed with Obama's selection? Who cares? Is he governing just for you? Is your whole life a sweet little movie made just for you? Is Obama really your president? Who DIDN'T think that "change" was just a buzzword used to magically generate votes? Do you really think you're breaking new ground? Democrats saw how nasty this election was, and knew that, in order to defeat the pure evil that has enshrouded this nation, we had to get a little blood on our hands. Ed Bernays would be proud.

Now get over it, relax, and watch the fireworks. There's NOTHING you can do about any of it, except whine, and that sucks for all the rest of us. Either point out something substantive, some reason to believe that R-A-H-M is "toast," and I'll concede that you may have once heard something about him that you didn't like. Your posts are all emotion, no hard proof. Dead fish? B.F.D. Maybe Rahm Emmanuel will turn out to be a child eater or something. God, I hope so. And what would you do then? Bitch some more? Seriously, why are you crying about Obama's performance this early in the game? Didn't YOU vote for the guy? Sheesh.


Funny how your last post is the whiniest of 'em all Jim. You obviously think much of yourself, and that's good for you and your family.

In the end, I voted for him, and I don't want another politician who says one thing and does another (ring a bell?). That's called a hypocrite. You don't like this Rom guy either because you know he's bad news too. And if he turns out to be a child eater - no I won't bitch - I'll smile at the satisfaction of him looking at bars. If he doesn't turn out to be dirty, I still think his choice by Obama flies directly in the face of Obama's campaign messages - which you apparently didn't believe at all, but voted for him anyway. Perhaps he would have still gotten you vote if he ran on a platform of sleeping with your wife and having your family murdered - that's your issue to work out. But me, I want honesty and someone who walks what he talks. And it's starting to look like Obama - even though he was painted as being honest, clean, and pure as the driven snow - isn't going to deliver that. I hope he changes his course a little.

Merry Christmas Jim!

Bodie Go!

Is that Tesco Vee with the cape, pipe and shades?


The old "I'm rubber, you are glue" defense. Classic. Hey, bud... don't blow a gasket over this one. You say that you "don't want another politician who says one thing and does another." So many entitlement issues swimming around up there. Who are YOU? Really. Think before answering. Because I know who I am: someone who hates Internet whiners. And if that's the one and only thing I'm whining about, it's pretty much a moot point you're making.

Because where I come from (and where you, your Mom and Dad, everyone you know, and everyone else in the world comes from) we don't call those people "hypocrites," we call them "politicians." Get used to it, or suffer accordingly. But the most telling thing about your response is that you would "smile at the satisfaction of [Rahm] looking at bars." THAT'S called Schadenfreude.

If he doesn't turn out to be dirty, you'll still think he was a poor choice? Bravo, and great work. So, you try to imply that I'm imbalanced because YOU believe that I would hypothetically vote for Obama if he murdered my family. What fun you must be at the dinner table. I never said that I disbelieved ALL of Obama's campaign promises, but "change you can believe in"? C'mon. That sounds like the slogan for an adult diaper. We're all adults here, right? Happy holidays to you, too, Fruit Loop.


I can't look at him without thinking of Martin Sheen as Greg Stillson in "The Dead Zone"


Thanks, Jim! So you're someone who hates internet whiners yet hangs out and gets into political debates on blogs. Wow, you are a masochist, among other obvious issues you also have, some probably not yet realized. Remember, even with your obviously inadequate IQ and penchant for self-torture, you CAN do anything! Don't ever let 'em tell ya different!!!


Steve and Jim are fighting. Ha ha!


Steve and Jim are boring. Ha ha!

And to answer another question from upthread: what you see in the photo is indeed the real and true hair of our governor. Believe it or not.


Inadequate compared to YOU? Bwahahaha! Seriously, you made me tinkle a little, you merdivorous lickspigot, you. I don't "hang out" to get into debates, but when I see somebody whining incessantly I do like to point it out to the two or three people who haven't yet noticed. Some crybabies, yourself included, are irresistibly alluring targets.

Also, while it took me a few days to respond, it appears that you've been watching this thread like a hawk. Great use of your time, imbecile. Dunderwhelp. Omadhaun.


Beware of the Blagojevich!!

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