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December 19, 2008


Listener James from Westwood

This explains why cokey Carrie Fisher made her next planet one covered in snow.


That's terrifying. Jesus, I wonder what unspeakable things lurk in George Lucas' personal costume closet.


Oh fuck me, it's the Star Wars Christmas special... Has the whole horrific mess been posted to the u-tubers yet? Why, yes, it has. Imagine our disappointment as children anxiously waiting for the Star Wars Special that christmas when the first movie was all the rage, and then having this turdburger thrust upon us.

As the wayback machine has been cranked up, how about some real flashback inducing action? Back in the 80's, the eponymous Mr.T and Webster made a christmas special together. The result was one long nutmeg fueled hallucination. A quick google search turned up nothing, how about it fellow FMU'ers? I swear, this thing really exists, but I can find no immediate evidence to back up my claim.

Nick the Bard

BAH, The SWHS brought fucking Bea Arthur in the Star Wars universe, and that makes it awesome period. Well, that and finding out that Chewie's dad is a total perv...

I think we're slowly breaking down the Flannel Wookie's hatred of it though too. Some of the characters have shown up in assorted novels over the years, and last year we got an action figure of Boba Fett from the animated short, so give it a few more years, and he'll finally get around to putting it out on DVD.

I want my Ackmena , Harvey Korman three pack and Jefferson Starship figures box set already too dammit.

Megan Murphy

K, I think this came out the same year I got my Princess Leia "Action Doll", which was a disappointment once I lost all of her accessories and the special plastic donuts to make up her spiffy hairdo. I remember seeing this special and feeling like I learned a lot about Wookie culture, which I hadn't even considered before, at age 6.

Any of Mr. T's work for kids is worth a watch. There was a display a few years ago on the LES of Mr. T dolls made from a Cabbage Patch design - hundreds and hundreds of variations on the theme, and they were running videos of one of his TV shows. I hope he got down there to check it out.

I don't know what a Flannel Wookie is!

Nick the Bard

Flannel Wookie = George Lucas

I'm porbably one of the (ok, THE) only people to use that term for him, so, yeh.

Listener bkd

The Life Day Hymn sounds infinitely better in the original wookie.

And did you notice Han's behavior in this clip? I'm thinking Leia either already had, or was looking forward to getting her furry on.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Life Day > Kwanzaa!


As bad as that is, the song is still better than 98% of what's in the holiday music rotation.

Live is Life Day (nah nah nah nah nah)....


As bad as that is, the song is still better than 98% of what's in the holiday music rotation.

Live is Life Day (nah nah nah nah nah)....


I've got a copy of this... it is a marvel to behold...
What's cool are all the 1970s commercials. That, and the mini cartoon somewher tucked in the middle (Nelvana, very cool 1970s "adult" style animation). What's not so cool is everything else... a non-plused Art Carney, Bea Arthur scatting, And disco Diva Cara's performance that manages to arouse the Grandpa Wookie, "Itchy".

listener matthew from greenpoint

is it just me or is carrie fisher kinda nico-ish?

Megan Murphy

She might be a little bit Nico-ish, which is one thing, but she is definitely 100% stroking that Wookie, which is quite another! Han seems to be unfazed, however. Perhaps it is an "open" relationship.

I started watching the entire thing a couple of years ago and caught some of those old school commercials, but it was on a warped VHS, so the day-glo colors and static made it unendurable.

Does anyone else think the Life Day greeting in native Wookie sounds a bit pained, like those things in that dreadful Fight Club episode of Torchwood? Maybe it's just me.


she seems to be channeling Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

It is quite a gagsome spectacle is it not?


I think I would be right in saying that, quite unbelievably, this song is the only part of the special that has received a proper release (of sorts)! It's on the CD that came with The Star Wars Vault, which for those who don't know is an extremely nerdy book for those of us who want t-shirt transfers of unused film logos and copies of cardboard toys from Burger King. In other word, people who would probably be stupid enough to waste money on a dvd of the holiday special.

I love the fact that all that remains of this is fuzzy video. Hopefully over the years it will become more and more fuzzy until it actually becomes watchable, albeit in its new form as an avant-garde art film consisting of funny shapes in static.

Megan Murphy

Carrie Fisher was eating up the soundstage, for sure, but look who she is acting with - 4 robots and a crowd of Wookies. I think the song itself isn't completely horrific, her singing is sweet, the harp playing understated, and I like how the Star Wars flourishes cut some of the treacle. On the other hand, they kind of add a whole different substance at the same time, like substituting gingerbread for cheese, perhaps.

That is a good hope, annoyingmouse. Here's to wishes fulfilled in the future!


Say, Meg, if Chewbacca did hook up with Carrie Fisher, perhaps the results would look something like this...



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