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December 17, 2008



Thanks for the food list, Joe! All this hip music stuff was giving me agida. Go DP's!!! The stuffed flounder and the garlic fries are great too. (And go Rutt's!!)


Spike's is an increasingly rare kind of Jersey Shore eatery, the dockside crab shack that actually looks like a shack.

JR's has an irresistible menu of boardwalk food, the location nonpareil.

jeff jensen

Rutt's Hut. The most deserving reference point on any 'year end list'. You're smart.

Dave McMullin

I can never find Rutt's Hutt. She is Jersey's elusive jewel.


shhh..we're trying to keep DP's a secret.


Best Hot Dog, emeritus:

Anyone else like that West Virginia dog?


Stuffed Shrimp - Garlic Fries - Blue Cheese Dressing


ummm your hot dog list is incomplete with the exclusion of Galloping Hill Inn in the Twshp of Union, NJ

Clammed Up

dp's is awful. Just horrible. I got food poisoning there several times. I almost dropped dead it was so bad. In fact I did drop dead but I was rescuscitated so I could warn everyone to never, ever go there. It's horrible and very expensive... and icky... and the clientele harbor infectious diseases like TB and rubella. No one should EVER go there, ever. EVER. Especially not on thursdays or friday nights.

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