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January 16, 2009



Thanks, Scott. As you say, the solos on this recording are the thing; takes me right back to those East Village streets... very sweet.

Doug Schulkind

Head-spinningly great! Marc Levin's mellophone solo on Cire is positively beastial. (In a good way.) Scott, thanks for the wisdom so warmly offered.

Arturo Esquivias Yee

Hi Ed:With just two songs that I heard you play,I can tell that you are the man,beutiful feeling.Your friend Arturo.

Greg Pickersgill

Superb music! Is there any good reason why this whole recording is not either rereleased properly or if nothing else available as a download via your site? I'd dearly love to hear the rest of it!

Incidentally, I found this by searching for info on Kiyoshi Tokunaga, who is a key player on a couple of excellent Jimmy Giuffre records, but otherwise quite unknown to me.

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