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January 03, 2009


Fred Boak

That would be the Terry Adams (of NRBQ) written "Fat Boy". Didn't know that Zorn played on it, but I think it was produced by Hal Wilner, so Zorn's presence isn't all that surprising, I suppose.


Hal Willner was also a Musical Director on Saturday Night Live, so that buttons that up.


God how horrible.


Hey, that's Mr. Body from "Clue" (1985)...


Well, I guess New York IS alright. . . IF you like saxophones.

(I half expected him to go into that chorus while he was singing. Ving might have had the "best" voice for that era of punk, "best" meaning most normal/traditionally talented, as opposed to whiney/atonal/raspy a la Lydon/Crash/et al).


Clearly, Ving was an actor who knew his role inside and out. Like Marylin Manson and Tom Waits.

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