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January 18, 2009


Listener James from Westwood

Great idea for a series and fine first entry. Thanks Chris and Andy!

"Great idea for a series," eh? If you're looking to up the ante for mediocrity, I suppose. Wake me up when it's over.

Chris T.

Thanks, James, for the kind words.

To the anonymous coward: why no name? Because including a name would reveal you as a Chris T. basher from way back, someone who consistently slags whatever I do out of personal hatred and not based on the merits of the work?

Show some sack, miserable creature: include your name when you leave comments!

Brian C.

"Show some sack, miserable creature" -- Boy, I really miss "aerial view!" Thanks for posting, Chris.
Can't wait to find out who drives the most embarrassing vehicle--I'm thinking Kelly Jones/Escalade?


The guy from shut up weirdo drives a car as plain and mediocre as his show.


Why can't they get the cost of these down to Civic or Corolla territory? The payback on a hybrid is just too long for these to make real sense for most of us. Hopefully this series will get into the $500 Caprice beater or Honda Helix territory soon.

Left Coast Exotics

Personally the es350 is a glorified camry - I think you made the right choice going with the prius - getting twice the gas mileage in the city alone is worth it. Now you really should look into a tesla roadster if you want style and fuel efficiency. =) (although those are over hyped as well)

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