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January 12, 2009


Webhamster Henry

Oxford (a/k/a Kingswood/Oxford) is in West Hartford, CT. One of my sisters went there (and we grew up two doors down from it). The old school grounds were mostly razed and Bristow Middle school (a public school) is on the same site.

Marcos Carreras

The Octopipers were started in 1956 by the Senior class of Oxford School, West Hartford, CT. The tradition continues today at Kingswood-Oxford School.


Nice post. I like "I Don't Wanna" and "Dream" a lot.

Jan McNeill

Jeez..I just threw that LP away a few years ago! Weird to have it come up on a search I was doing for Oxford Alums! Went there in the late 50's...the gals on the cover were "stars" to we younger ones!


My mother attended KO and I inherited the first Octo-Pipers record from her father (my grandfather). I wonder if the school has a copy.

Currant Octopiper

im an octopiper right now... this is so cool to see! the group is amazing, i never my time in it to end :[


My mom is on the cover!

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