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February 21, 2009


eric o

tour finished... got to hear "grace of god" 4 times- twice in soundcheck, twice live. they were en route to play it as their last song on their last show in torino but the festival folks had already broke down their equipment... dang! majestic each time. and, gories rule forever. if you missed 'em this time out, you really, really missed it.

Debbie D


Tell me that the Goreblivians will play NY!!! Rumors are flying around here. You know you could sell out Maxwells and Southpaw. What's the word? The Detroit show was the most fun I've had all year...


hey Danny, if you read this -you were amazing in Paris!- and my question is: who wrote that song "wild child" on the 1st DDR record???



Danny V

Great list. Made the trek from Chicago to see 'em in Detroit in '09. Tapped myself out but worth every fu*kin penny!


I liked the band a lot, but it's hilarious about all these latecomers who are Gories fans years after the group disbanded. I went to a party at Chris Gore's soon-to-be-robbed apartment to see them in the 80s, at a Film Threat party at 3D, at Finney's Pub, etc. Still have that early cassette (pre-first LP) recording. Why did all these other people take so long to listen to the group? What lazyasses. I suspect many are in that 'taking Rock Seriously' mental ghetto, obsessive as lunatics, which is so off the mark that it's a crime--the Gories were only for fun, and allegedly never even had practice rehearsals (or so claimed Dan years ago).


hey! great site! shouldn't Ghost Rider by Suicide be on that list as well?
and thanks guys for the concert in Groningen last year, it was a blast! smoking joints outside Vera, hehehe


i have a live boot from '92 and there is one track i just can't figure out. Dan introduces it as 'Creamy' or 'Queenie' or something along those lines. if anyone can help me out, i'd truly appreciate it!

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