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March 01, 2009



I slowed down this clip and I have To agree, Nixon did Not say, " I understand it."
President Nixon said, "I understand, and the censors cut the conversation there because the next word is most likely a name in a list of names of people President Nixon knew to be homosexuals. This is consistent with the reasons that the censors have given for the outtakes, that is personal information regarding persons yet living.
it's very likely that what Nixon said went something like this, I don't mind the homosexuality, I understand —- —– is a homosexual, ———- is a homo and so is ———, and they're all good public servants, but nevertheless . . .
Common sense would also dictate that he hadn't revealed anything about himself simply by listening to the rest of the tape.
Later in the conversation, Nixon states that he doesn't even want to shake the hands of groups from SF, not the sort of thing one can say with a straight face after making any kind of "revelation". Think about it.

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