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February 24, 2009



So. . . my new band is called "The Ellen Degeneres Show"? Bahhhh. . . there's enough real music out there to listen to without making up fake bands for kicks.


I would like to point out that people should be checking if the flickr photos are under creative commons or a copyright, and if so they should be crediting them. Even many creative commons licenses do not include the right to manipulate the work in question without credit. I know that if I found my work uncredited, I would take action.


Ehhh... If we're posting them........



I love all of the great designs you guys have created with this concept. I have started a new FaceBook group, soon to be it's own website named http://www.randomcddesignproject.com membership is free and it's going to be the place for the world to see all of these designs from this unique social experiment.


Greg's made me laugh out loud - most inspired.


Mine's a bit sad.


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Jennifer Smith

Leydon Jar
The Making of a Life

If you like the pop stylings of Lady Gaga, you will hate the stark vastness of Leydon Jar.


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