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March 21, 2009



I've really enjoyed reading this blog so far and look forward to hearing how things work out for you. You're doing exactly what I wish I was doing and, feeling inspired, we're making a small start with a few herbs as you suggest. It's great to see a fellow Brightonian on here too. Best of luck!


Prawntot - thank you so much!! I always get nervous before I post wondering if anyone's reading and if they like it, and if they're getting anything out of it, and it's really encouraging to me to get such positive feedback. :)

I'm so glad I've inspired you - it's a wonderful feeling when you plant seeds and something green arrives.

Could you do me a huge favour and get in touch with me via my profile (just click on my name)? Be nice to exchange experiences. :)


Yeah, this post was definitely worth reading.



love your posts!

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