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March 23, 2009


milton parker

I googled blogspots for this album about six times a year since the year 2000. (yes I know http://www.basichip.com/ had a transfer available, so it wasn't impossible, but still, thanks you guys)

Mr Fab

"Mr. Bongo Plays Hi-Fi Cha Cha" is a good 'un! Jack Constaza, I believe. And Scatman's available on CD if you just want the music.

Matthew Reel

Magnificent! This is wonderful, I'd love to use some of this in a soundtrack one day. Particularly Jealous or Ghost of a Chance.

Dana Elliott

Danny and Dena were freinds of mine in the mid 60's when he lived in Northridge, CA. He had a recording studio behind his house. He showed me his multi-track recorders and his recording booth. But, I was a teenager and only partly impressed. Over the years I lost touch with them.

But the reason for my post is this: Danny did a song about "another cup of java (joe)" don't remember which now. But the song has the lyrics about a guy leaving his wedding for "another cup of ?) I wish to hear it again but that Danny song eludes me.


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Didja ever find the Scatman disc? Because it is well worth tracking down. It is (was) available on cd from what I think was some shifty Russian label maybe?

jacob guglielmi

Danny and Dena were my grandparents I am pleased to see that their music lives on and people are enjoying the music I grew up with. They were the bet people in the world.

pea hicks

i've love this album for years, but just recently picked up an obscure danny/dena 45 on dot that i'd never seen before: "you are the light of my life" b/w "crazy dream." two solid tracks to add to this collection.


They have a super-obscure 78 on the Kem label- fro some strange reason they're credited as "Dena Sings While Donato Plays His Violins". But one side of this 78 is the exact same recording of "Bullfrog" that's on this album. The other dide, "Can't Sleep For Dreaming", has got to be the SLOWEST song ever recorded!

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