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March 12, 2009


Mike G.

Can't wait for the Wire article! Any chance for some Kim Suk-Chul content? I've always been really curious if there was any dialogue between the Korean free players and people like Kim Suk-Chul who performed religious/ceremonial music but had ties to the global improv/creative music scene.




You shouldn't leave out Sang Won Park, current NY resident (for the past 40 years), when he first came to the states, played w/ Derek Bailey, Henry Kaiser, and a slew of others http://www.sangwonpark.com/ ...also i 2nd the request to incorporate Kim Suk-Chul content, their shamanic jamming blows my mind!


this is great. i'm here in Korea and have been looking for the good stuff. I saw Sato Yukie play Yogiga Gallery, it was pretty awesome. I don't know who he played with.

Nat Roe

Kim Suk Chul is definitely in the article, although he's pretty mysterious. I'll have to dig up more...

Owltopus, good call on the Sang Won Park. I was unaware of his really cool work and I know just where to place him in the article. Thanks!

Kevin Parks

Kim Suk-Chul did indeed have some collabs with Korean improv folks. For one see the Victor release entitled Tokebi for a Kang Tae Hwan Kim Suk Ch'ul pairing. Kim himself did a few unusual things like play multitracked, etc.


Did this article appear in the Wire magazine? I'm sure I have last June's issue somewhere

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