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March 07, 2009



You might consider kicking a little lime in there to cut the acidity if you're pissing on that tiny pile. Not the fruit, but the soil amendment.

So how are your seedlings? My first tray of 72 basil plants have sprouted and the first true leaves are just visible between the seed leaves. The wrath of Darwin has yet to descend, so each peat blob is crowded with 4 or 5 baby basil plants. Only one can be allowed to survive to adulthood. There's a worthwhile subject for a blog post. It's a strange feeling to fill Gods shoes for a few moments...


K - I actually referred to my seedlings in conversation today as "my babies"... I'm not sure that I can bring myself to think about sacrifice just yet. LOL


GeorgyGirl: I'm very happy to have provided some inspiration for your composting! Planting time is almost here in D.C., and I'm about to get my buckets back from the garden and into the kitchen - if any composting insights come my way this season, I'll definitely post them here :)

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