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April 11, 2009



That is awesome!

fatty jubbo

yuck! Imagine what's inside the pants if the outside is that crusty and filthy.

fred g sanford

YOU can imagine what's inside.

I'll pass.

'scruffy' is the word I would use, at the risk of sounding...old.

Amebix back ?
I missed it, I guess.


I knew I guy who kept a pair of pants he'd worn for an entire year.
At the end of their tenure he stashed them in his mom's attic. When he took them out to show us they had some kind of fuzzy mold growing on them.


lotsa crusty toddlers here in Portland....
I think they teach that in the schools here......


Do you guys have the split 7" in your library by the Feces Munchers and Godstomper? The Munchers' side has a song about this..."Battle of the Punk Pants". It was based on a true story of a battle for the most obscure Scandinavian band patches and for the filthiest pants. What's weird, though, was how both participants wore uncharacteristically baggy pants. Maybe that was the Davis, CA, crust pants style. Even as baggy as those pants were, they were still so fulla filth, you could stand 'em up on their own.

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