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April 13, 2009


Otto Maddox

Coming from a Kansas Citian who now lives in Iowa, I feel the exact opposite. Missouri (94% of it sucks) is better than Iowa (of which 98% sucks). Don't tell me a dead man couldn't get elected in the "Fields of Opportunities" state.

Someday I'll get out of this fucking abyss.

23 Wolves

I'm livin' here and gettin' by, nahmean? Wherever you are at is as good as you make it. Although I wish I was back in Oregon...

Bronwyn C.

I left my home in Oregon
I travelled 'bout 2000 miles
Since I've come to Kansas City
I've forgotten how to smile.
I miss the rain in Portland
And I miss the Tri-Met bus
But most of all I miss you, dear,
Oh God, I miss you so much.

I'm in misery in Missouri,
I'm cryin' night and day
I'm in misery in Missouri,
Lord, I'm in such an awful state.

I'm sorry now I left you,
And I wish that I was there,
Feelin' the flat spot at the back of your head,
Runnin' my hands through your hair.
If I ever get back to Portland,
I'll be in ecstasy,
I'll never, ever leave again
To live in Missouri.

I wrote this song when I moved from Portland to KCMO.

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