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April 14, 2009


Charlene Pederson

You may have committed a musical sin: wasn't "Valerie" written by Richard Thompson and covered by Crenshaw?


Dale and Charlene's audition tape to heaven? God rejected it.


If Pat Boone has recorded Danny Boy-so what? He follows a line begun with John McCormack and picked up by 100s of others from Conway Twitty to Jim Reeves.
Boone was the FIRST ROCK'N'ROLL STAR on Billboard and Cashbox-thats solo star Bill Haley was a group .
Its a matter of history

King Daevid MacKenzie

...Pat Boone is as much rock 'n roll as George W. Bush is a Democrat. And the first rock 'n roll star on the Cash Box and Billboard charts was Stick McGhee with "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee" in 1949, years before Boone knocked up Red Foley's daughter and Bill Haley stopped playing Western Swing...

Blaine Price

If the Jews have the Law, and they do, then how can they fullfil it? The fact that we know the law and should obey it points out our sin. Abraham and Moses both new that God had to provide a way for the Law to be fulfilled in order for man to be free of his sin and acceptable to God. It is impossible for man to fulfill the Law, but not for God. God choose to provide His own sacrifice to atone for the sins OF ALL MEN. Jesus Christ literally means God Is Salvation. Jesus being the perfect word of God made flesh can cover our sin making us acceptable before God because ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. God is who He is, perfect and righteous. Why would he allow sinful people into his presence for eternity unless they demonstrated through faith that they are willing to obey Him and know Him for who He is.


From "The Book of World Famous Music" by James J. Fuld:

"The first known printing of this melody was in 1855 in 'The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland,' edited by George Petrie (Dublin, 1855), vol 1, p. 57. The melody appears without a title. A note indicates it was collected by Miss J. Ross of the county of Londonderry, Ireland, from the unpublished melodies of that county, and the melody thereby acquired its present title. Many lyrics have been set to this music, perhaps the best known being 'Danny Boy' in 1913 with words by Fred. E. Weatherly."


Sticks McGhee? Bollocks that's when it was known as Race Music (soon to be R & B).
But its a sore point with rock critics who like everything neat & tidy but you can't argue with FACTS.Boone was the first.
Its like rock critics think Elvis was the King of Rock'n'Roll-the King maybe but take your pick between Bill Haley,Jerry lee Lewis,Fats Domino and Little Richard-who were all called Kings at some stage even on album titles.
Personally I reckon the real king was Freddie Cannon


Perhaps it stretches it to say that Stick McGee had the first R&R hit record. Just as it stretches it to say that Hank Williams preceded him by almost two years with "Move It On Over" (and if that doesn't make sense compare the song with "Rock Around The Clock") But these songs had the ingredients that eventually became what was called Rock n' Roll. Pat Boone was a pop interpreter of rock n' roll songs.Nothing wrong with that, he actually helped pave the way for the acceptance of R&R by giving the songs exposure to an audience that wasn't hearing the real article yet.

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