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April 02, 2009


John L

Especially interesting to me, and first heard on Rob W's show though he talked over it, is his collaboration with Rudresh Mahanthappa on the Kinsmen CD, in particular the Convergence (Kinsmen) cut, an excerpt of which can be seen here in a live version:

I saw Rudresh play in a trio at the Turning Point two days after Rob played that cut and it was great. Knowing that it is a "convergence" of jazz and Carnatic music makes each genre that much more interesting, at least to me. I like the convergence cut the best on that album. It's almost enough to make me like jazz... and I've always been a sucker for ecstatic music.


YES!!! Kadri Gopalnath is the best! Though I'm pretty sure it's Kadri and not Kadiri. Love his goofy smile when he plays, too--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKDOB319ZxY

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