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April 14, 2009


just john

Recently, I've been reflecting on how odd it is that Patti Smith outlived Gilda Radner and Joe Cocker outlived John Belushi.


It's always something.


A few years back I walked past Gene Wilder, or a Gene Wilder lookalike, in Penn Station. It really looked like him, but then wouldn't he take a limo to the airport? Poor guy just looked exhausted. I left him alone as per the best policy when encountering famous people or their doppelgangers.


Gilda doesn't want to be just remembered for her cancer.

Uncle Fester

Oh, I think she does.

Janey Yonkers

Not known for her cancer, but for establishing Gilda's Clubs support groups for anyone with any kind of cancer. That's a great legacy.

King Daevid MacKenzie

...then there's the case of that Mitsubishi van/SUV commercial eight years ago that was using T.Rex's "20th Century Boy" for its music bed. Considering the guy who wrote and sang lead on that record, Marc Bolan, was killed in a car crash, that hit me as wildly inappropriate as it would if United Airlines suddenly licensed Jim Croce's "The Hard Way Every Time" for its TV spots...


Wildly inappropriate would be Buddy Holly in an ad for Beechcraft.


Anything that extends her image and memory further into the future is fine with me.

I guarantee most people under 30 don't know who John Belushi was and think of Bill Murray only as the star of Lost in Translation...

Demis CousCous

Jeff, I guarantee that most people over 40 underestimate the cultural knowledge of most people under 30 :D

M Munro

Yeah, I'm 25, and I don't know anyone who isn't aware of John Belushi or of Bill Murray's early work.

That being said, doppelgängers make life worth living. The week after Barry White died, I swear he started coming into the Target where I worked.

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