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April 16, 2009


doomsday fartshadow

just saw the "pitchmen" show last night. it wasn't bad- i have a new respect for Anthony Sullivan, and even less respect for Billy Mays and his stenciled on beard.. the show certainly could have used a dash of Vince slap-chopped and sprinkled on top of it.


full on remix



another slap chop remix, it's actually pretty brilliant:



Steve Porters mix is my fav of all Ive heard.

For those interested, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWRyj5cHIQA

Robert I Campbell

How do I get service onmy Slap Chop.........??

The plastic Guard ( keeps the food from going up into blades) Cracked on 2nd usage and can find no way to get sercice........


Jason Surbrook

the plastic guard broke up today when chopping onion. Now its more trouble than its worth. Cut it up with a knife. Now unless they have replacements for this flim flam piece of plastic it is a rip off and worthless. Untill they have at least a replacement part I would never recommend anyone buy it.

Johnny Ancich

A cartoon about SlapChop!

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