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April 19, 2009



So the show started in mid-shark jump?

Dig the pink eyes.



M Munro

"How could Paul Bunyan fit in a phone booth?"

Good fucking question.


Needs more laugh track! I believe I watched this faithfully every Saturday morning. I remember most of the characters but not Fleetwood the drug dealer.

doomsday fartshadow

well of course they have a groovy dune buggy...but a magic talking bird (reminds me of he-man's orko)...and- TWIN PANDAS?!
at least it's really their voices, right?

i did have to stop watching. it was bringin' me down, man.

doomsday fartshadow

also, I thought punky brewster was the only child-sitcom-to-cartoon that had a completely out of place magical talking pet (Glomer!)- I stand corrected. what is it about tv child stars that they need to have their own personal demons/familiars?


"Hmm... put kangaroo in zoo for a week, or leave in custody of idiot stoner nephew? Zoo, idiot stoner nephew. Zoo, idiot stoner nephew. Decisions, decisions."

Brad Nelson

The twin pandas speak fake Chinese. Astounding.


I think this was the cartoon series which in one episode featured a proposed all-male camping trip. In expectation of this the boy characters would clasp their hands together and intone ""T.F.I.F.G." (The Forest Is For the Guys). But then the girls got pissed and demanded they be allowed to come along. The Brady Bunch was a pretty sore point between my brother and I growing up.


Fuck all you haters! This show is magnificent. Important caveat however; don't watch it without a generous helping of 70's era recreation drugs.


Fuck you, K. Go sit in your K-soaked bathtub. This show is the epitome of commercial warfare on any decent, educated, experienced, knowledgable intelligent person that might have survived the 60s. The Brady Show is a My-lai mop-up, as it were, hippy-wise, of all who might have objected to those poor liberals on Gilligan's Island.
Retarded animation. Mockery story. Racist pandas.


I love you boll. You are correct.

Kandice Karmichael

Is K actually Kliph? Or KO? What's wrong with boil? Insert comment here (pointing to sphinkter).


K is me, not Kliph, and Boil and I are just horsing around. Sometimes the most inflammatory comments are also the most subtle.


Those pandas are supposed to be twins? They look nothing alike.

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