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April 18, 2009



i'm there. small scale gardening is a good loss-of-job depression buster. it's a good way of staying scheduled and feeling meaningful to water and tend to your plants. my fave is still wheatgrass for the ease and speed of growth..and the cat gets to eat some too. just sticking your nose into the thick bunch of grass and inhaling the pure oxygen is comforting, as is the smell of earth.
but i need to get some large containers and go for tomatoes and potatoes next.


Cool, I hope you get your allotment. That quote from Shelton is spot on: I recently cleared two 10x10 beds of their sod cover and you just dig and dig to get all the roots out. You feel great that night, bed is warm and snug, but the next day... all Frankenstein stiff knee'd deep in the swamp marigolds and forget me nots. Now chives, lovage, rosemary and Kentucky mint here for the dinner bell!

Speaking of which, have you _eaten_ any of it yet?!?! you might consider pinching some of that basil and amending a cold salad. The remaining basil will thank you for the extra room.


There aren't too many better things than facilitating some good dirt, discovering a newborn seedling and readjusting the rhythms after years of stupermarket meals!

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