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May 09, 2009



Congrats, GG! I can see Gardening Wisdom is dawning upon you. It's the outdoor thing that does it. Judging from that pic it looks like you've just tangled with those two great devils of gardening, sod and stone. Digging a fresh 12x12 bed really gives one a sense of accomplishment, huh! Garden with a friend, it's a good excuse for some mutual back and shoulder massage afterwords.

The next big decision to make is what/how to amend the soil. It's hard to tell from the pic, but it seems to be crying out for some organic material. I'm guessing your new feudal landowners may not have a clue as to how gardening actually works; won't they be surprised when you pull up with a truckload of animal poop and table scraps (grin). If it helps, you might find your oregano and thyme will enjoy that soil as is, without any more work but a little tilling.

When you pulled up the sod, did you see a lot of worms and/or other bugs? The more you see, the more fertile the base soil will be. If you didn't see any, pour on the organic material.

For some reason I am reminded of that old BBC sitcom, "The Good Life". How did we get this far without you mentioning it?


K - thank you, sweetie!! :)

Compost is arriving in the next couple of weeks, as is some leaf mulch, and the Other Half is arriving on Friday to give me a hand with the digging. ;) The soil's been neglected so needs a bit of love, but it's teeming with worms, which is a good sign.

Funny that you should mention "The Good Life"... I caught an old episode just the other night and realised that I'd paid a bit more attention to it when I was a kid than I'd imagined. ;) I shall have to get some Felicity Kendall-style dungarees at this rate!!


Yay. Garden. Yay Community Gardening!

I wish I was in your hemisphere- my Turks Turban pumpkin seeds arrived today and I just get to sit and look at them for a while.


I dug a similar sized plot for my mum this year and clearly hadn't fully realised what I was getting into. So satisfying when you've finished though, and when things finally start to appear it's great to see that all the effort paid off.
Your selection is so much more useful than what we have - although a couple of the same things (butternut squash, tomatoes, lettuce). The most promising vegetable I found was cabbage on a stick, not much a fan of cabbage but you get a walking stick after two years! Can't wait.

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