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May 12, 2009



Thanks this is great- and do you have a radio show in Boston, by any chance?


I do have a radio show on www.wmfo.org 91.5FM in Boston. It's Mondays from 10am-Noon.


Next, a breakdown of Sandy Posey lyrics.


I'll need to check out the rights on Arthur Godfrey's ode to hilarious child beating, "Slap 'Er Down Again, Pa".

And if anyone has a copy of the song "That's Right, Don't Fight" (I think that's the name) with Marlene Dietrich advising her daughter to take her beatings and be thankful for them, I would be forever in your debt.

Louisville Dan

Holy Crap this is awesome! You mean there's more? Thanks for the post.


"treatin' the ladies to corn on the cob"


Flying Dutchman

What I find hard to believe,is that this wasn't put out on some song poem,or vanity label,but the same Flying Dutchman label,that gave us Gil Scott Heron,and so much great funk jazz.This is actually from the first of many best selling books Lois Wyse wrote.You know all that schlock like "Grandchildren are so Much Fun I Should Have Had Them First"? That's her.She's made a fortune off of that crap.


Two words, my friend: Rod McKuen


I'll see yer Rod McKuen, and raise you Norman Mailer!

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