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May 11, 2009



You did this just to tease all the crate diggers out there, didn't you? (I am not a vinyl maniac, so I can laugh at this.) Hooray for evil!

J. Lax

Someone probably stole the crates because they were the old-style ones that records actually fit in -- quite useful and built to last.

Newer milk crates are designed specifically *not* fit records because so many were getting stolen for that purpose...


those must have been horrible records for them to only take the crates!! damn!

Fred G. Sanford (the "G" is for Go-rilla)

I don't believe a word of this.

(although if it were CD's, or 8 track tapes, it would be.. more believable.


Sister Hairy Hymen

Probably some crackhead.


One can build a 4x12 speaker cabinet out of those crates.

Anonymous Coward

I have also found them to be useful for storing used dental floss.

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