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May 11, 2009



Okay I put this in "blather" but not sure anyone will notice it there...

I shot the Gretchen Phillips music video. Sorry I don't really know how to let you embed it, not very good at web design as you can probably tell :\ But thanks so much for putting it up, glad you like it. You may want to change the link to http://www.rustyscrew.com/dirtymind.html, as the music videos page will change once I shoot a new one. Thanks again!


Yay--thanks! I am a webtard and proud of it, but I think I made it so you can click on the screengrab. And the link is better.

P.S. Um, Leopard, anyone?

RagnarR in SF Bay

From that still shot I thought that was Buzz from the Melvins.


it's patently absurd that there are not 1000 offers of Mac OS software here now. What is this world coming to?

Like, Amanda is the coolest. Get on it people! For the record I'd hook it up for free...

Oh and I totally miss "this week in sex"... poised for a comeback?


I am coming back, but only until I get the software.

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