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June 22, 2009


Nat Roe

I know that last one is spam, but it's just too hilarious to delete.

Dave Grace

Perhaps the best example of 1980's porn music. I love it, and the melodrama. This song is from 1984 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1exSIjvcSZ0

plus size lingerie

Loved this post!


Just I want to know the soundtracks of the film "The Untamed" with Abigail Clayton please somebody


Great interview but I listened to the audio clips and they're piss-poor specimens of this genre.
Two stunning examples of sleazy, dreamy mood music to wank to can be found in the Joey Silvera scenes in Let's Get It On (1987) and Never Sleep Alone (1984). There are also several scenes in the 1981 classic John Holmes "documentary" Exhausted, particularly the scene clip with Seka that just hit. The kind of music that makes you feel like a weak-willed wanker for NOT wanking once it gets into a couple bars with the scene on grainy-blue film stock.
Driving rhythms from analog sequencers firing vintage oscillators and run through some stoney flange/phase effects. THAT formula is what the best of 80's porn music was about.

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