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June 26, 2009



^^^i agree with red foreman^^^
listen to a band with real talent like emarosa


Hey dude, if you think attack attack is so great you should start your own crabcore band. I'm not kidding, any $10 guitar center instructor could have you playing like them in a week. You could be famous if you've got the stage moves!


you guys are fuckign stupid. They didn't invent any of those moves, the've been being used in deathcore for the longest. Around where I live a lot of local deathcore bands do the same shit and have been doing it for a while. Deathcore is gay and so is Attack Attack.


LMFAO! Game, Set, and Match Kevtow. Thanks to logic and a Red Foreman-esque "Dumbass" you definitely won that round! Olive... better luck next time?

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