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June 09, 2009



I saw her film Chocolat many years ago and thought it was amazing - I still think about the ant eating scene (there was something so very touching about it). Thanks for reminding me of her stuff.


I'd love to see Nenette et Boni--I've had and enjoyed the Tindersticks soundtrack for years. I'm glad I now have the chance to get it on DVD.


Great post. Denis is one of my favorite filmmakers.

Matt Madden

Great post, Trouble! Not sure about the spoken word being a "stranglehold" but you really put your finger on what is so singular and beguiling about Denis' films. I'm probably wrong but in my memory there wasn't a single line of dialogue in all of Beau Travail.

Brian Michel Bacchus

I've lost touch with Claire Denis, but I remember so beautiful times with her. First in Paris for a special screening of a film that Abdullah Ibrahim was doing the music for. The next time in NYC where we danced to SkaSha at SOB's. I love her films and love her as well.

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