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June 18, 2009



Sold. I just ordered it from Amazon. Thanks for the info.


R.I.P. - Bob Bogle - Trashmen



i read this book too, fun stuff until the 80's, then this guy clearly doesnt know what he is talking about


i should say early 90's


See also: Loser


I hate how they incorporate grunge into the garage category.The Loser book never mentioned Back from the Grave(which should have it's own book!) but they do mention Supercharger,which is just ridiculous in my opinion(connected to grunge)

Rev. Syung Myung Me

Boom's the second album -- the first is "Here Come The Sonics!"...

Larry In Seattle

Pity not much is said for Olympia (the capitol of WA), the one town the major record conglomerates could NOT break. The DIY spirit is still very thick there. As well as to some degree, Bellingham, WA some 80 miles to the north (original home of Death Cab For Cutie and The Posies.) Olympia is mostly pure raw punk (Bikini Kill, Some Velvet Sidewalk, probably the only "hit" maker of that scene with their song "Mousetrap" being used in MTV's Jackass The Movie) whereas the Bellingham sound sounds more influenced by Big Star and even Fairport Convention, which probably made Bellingham more accessible to the majors. But not by much.

Both towns today have far more vibrant local music scenes than Seattle by a long shot......


I do hope that the fabulous Wailers are well represented in this tome!

joe 12-pk

The Reverend's right: "Boom!" is the second Sonics record, but the first one is actually called "HERE ARE THE SONICS!!!"

Also, listen carefully to the Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie"...Famous for the controversy and subsequent FBI investigation following rumors of profane lyrics (no one in the Bureau thought to track down a more intelligible version for comparison-- the Wailers version, for example, or better still, the version by Richard Berry, the song's author), the song actually does contain one profanity: fifty-four seconds in, in the space between a chorus and the 2nd verse, you can hear the drummer drop the F-bomb...apparently he hit a rim.

Curious if this is mentioned in the book, since I only heard about after a good friend of mine interviewed some of these guys (Kingsmen, Raiders, Wailers, etc.) for a thesis. If it isn't mentioned, it may be for the same reason I hestitate to mention it even here-- the fear that some do-gooder will get wind of it and try to "fix it", thus totally ruining it.


Joe --

Dave Marsh wrote a book on the history of "Louie Louie," and I'm pretty sure he mentions the f-bomb (and singer Jack Ely starting a measure too early before stopping himself on the last verse) in the book.

John Hodgson

It's always interesting that the myth of northwest music has it all happening in Seattle. the Sonics are from Tacoma,Wa. As are The Ventures. In fact, in the eighties, after Gorilla Gardens was closed, The Community World Theatre in Tacoma was one of the only punk clubs to play. Even today, Tacoma has some of the most exciting bands around.

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