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June 22, 2009



Whenever I'm in South Jersey, it always occurs to me that they must have copped their name/logo design from this local banking chain:



joe ehrbar

The audience chatter is awesome.

Dominick Costanzo

Pretty sure they got their name from Sunn amplifiers


@WmMBerger - or that bank stole thier logo from Sunn Amps.


All right, I finally feel comfortable enough to say it: I don't get Sunn. And I refuse to type their pretentious extra bullshit at the end.

And when I say I don't get it? I mean I seriously don't get it. Like when I first heard rap-rock Limp Bizkit not getting it. Which I can only assume means I've officially become "old."

Thank god. Pass the Black Fucking Sabbath and enjoy your shitty feedback contest slash masturbation session.


The bank stole teh logo from the amps, and the band stole the logo from the amps too. How long till the bank sues the band?


p.s. I'm clearly the cranky old loser here. No disrespect meant to Sunn who are far more successful and beloved than any music I've ever pooped out. So I'm sure I can shut the hell up. Sorry, Sunn. (but I'm still not typing that crap at the end.)


Oh right, the amps—I forgot about the amps. My next project will be called "Fender Twin."


I like some of Stephen O'Malley's projects, esp. Burning Witch and Khanate, but I'd like to see him work with the handicap of not being allowed to use first-position E.

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