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June 09, 2009



That's one fine piece of research right there


For decades I've been intoning "Flagurshnik" to accompany the titular hydrodynamic function following particularly robust experiences in the loo. To this day it has failed me only once or twice. Could it be that this reference excludes terminology from the Fester and Carbunkle adventures? The other possibility; to have been wrong all these years and yet to still have the word consistently provide for expedient passage of matters in question is just to much to bear.
The indignity! [Glit, glit, glit. Swit flop!]


Thanks for the link. Don Martin was the greatest. Especially for Captain Klutz.


Actually, I think I must have truncated the following: FURSH GLURGLE GLUG GLUG GLUG

Doug Gilford

Link has changed:

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