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July 18, 2009



The central area of a working outdoor compost pile can exceed 65 degrees C. Try insulating your containers with discarded styrofoam to get the temperature up. It's like starting a fire. Once the wee beasties get going the pile takes off. Too hot and the little guys get killed so the reaction diminishes. Think about temperature control.


Hahaha, some very memorable descriptions in this one... I'm sure it will be some time before I can get the image of those flies the size of 'the grains of sand in Satan’s very own desert' out of my head!


I agree with K..some outdoor compost piles been known to combuste into flames..


Just to add to my comment...if you have a patio, you can put yr compost in a black bucket to heat it up from the sun..pissing in it will help it not burning yr apartment down lol..anyways..also look into Worm composting..maybe adding some worms will help(?)

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