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July 02, 2009



Apparently there's one outside outside Carrabelle, FL:

“If anyone wants to know the camp's location, the directions are to take 67 NE out of Carrabelle, Florida, to the intersection with Lake Morality Road, and there is the camp. Or pull the camp up from maps.live.com Just type in Carrabelle Florida and use the maps features to zoom in and to follow 67 NE.

“According to job applicants, camp guards are required to take four months of military training and be willing to shoot to kill. I know, it sounds like conspiracy theory. But I have seen the camp, and it has been sitting there empty for several years. It has a strange lay out. And it is not a county work camp. One of those is nearby.”

....From a follow up to Paul Craig Robert's "Fear Rules" recent Counterpunch article.

Taro Tokyo

"...the barbed wire fences point inward (.JPG). Again, this is an utterly confusing sight. Why on earth would a facility want to give the impression that they are trying to keep people inside..."

As much as I hate "Homeland Security"---I spit on the TSA goons at the airport during their shake-downs-- I have to tell you that barbed wire fences pointing inward is a very common cost-saving and public safety measure.

That is, barbed wire fences pointing outward can more easily hurt kids who are just "exploring"---the insurance cost is much lower for only using inward pointing barbed wire. Also, only using inward pointing barbed wire costs 50% less money than proper double-apron barbed wire pointing both inward and outward.

Plenty of water facilities and high voltage shell-form transformers are protected with inward pointing barbed wire for the aforementioned reasons. In high crime places such as parts of Mexico concrete walls only have inward pointing barbed wire to reduce the "profile" of a expensive home.


And there you have it. Taro Tokyo solves the mystery. Thanks for rending my post completely useless!

Swan Fungus


That does it! I'm not voting for Max Frost for president.

Rick Garcia

Being a So Cal native, and having a BA in History, I know that we here in So Cal are very protective of the water we stole from No Cal and the Colorado river. The LA Department of Water and Power made it a point to make sure the California Aquaduct made it all the way to Downtown. The Powers that Were made sure that none of the water could be hijacked by any farmer en route. I've driven by that facility on Pearblossom, and thought it seems extreme and could probably make an excellent detainment center, it does seem like the kind of government overkill that involves having to spend an entire budget or face having the budget cut the following year.

I also believe that the government could detain great numbers of people very quickly if there was a need...

reptoidz forevah

Sorry, but David Icke is a twat. Functionally retarded sportscaster who suddenly strikes it rich by trying to convince people that the Queen is a lizard. "Hey go check out this water pumping facility! Just whatever you do, don't spend any time investigating insurance company lobbyists!"

You kids and your loud rock music. It makes ya stupid, I tell ya what.


Paul Craig Robert must have gone deaf rediscovering Springsteen after his Reagan days eh reptile?


I totally disagree with that quote from South Park. (er...what?)

Though in all seriousness, I think it's more true to say, "For a government to have power, they must *NOT* appear to have complete control. What better way to make people *IGNORE* them than to convince them they are *NOT* capable of the most elaborate plan on earth?"

That's how we live now. We're mostly embarrassing consumer/producers too busy eating McDonalds and yelling at each other while the corporate powers direct our public servants and steal our tax dollars behind our backs.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist and all that...

Chris Oliver

Tangentially related, but that library in Brand Park is one of the best things in Los Angeles County. It's nothing but records, CD's and art books, and it's in this beautiful old house. They've gotten rid of a lot of their LP's over the last decade, but they still have some cool vinyl, and the CD collection is pretty incredible. And that cop at the front entrance is fairly new, I think he's there to keep gangs from congregating in the park.


Brand Book Store is pretty great as well. Anyway, very interesting travel journal, Mr. Fungus. I will make the stops the next time I'm in those areas.


Retoidz makes a good point. Here's a good conspiracy theory: the government disseminates conspiracy theories in order to distract the people from how government really works.


...Reptoizds (too much like that other word to leave the misspelling).

Richard Astley-Clemas

Not so quick to dismiss what is a very real fact-that in the American backwoods and desert areas there's stuff going on which the average person can't comprehend.
There's many of these internment camps which kidnap people and use them in their ceremonies because there's 100s of cult religions.
Some of these make Charles Manson sound like a regular guy


Charlie don't surf...

Richard Astley-Clemas

New Mexico has the highest concentration of these internment camps where no one leaves but everyone dies.
Its where David Parker Ray conducted his own version of Hell-a Satanist who kidnapped the hookers found on the highway.
The Elephant Butte lake which is nearly 200 miles long is where the bodies end up.
At least 2 of these camps grow cannabis-after it was discovered how much bigger they grow in blood soaked sand!
Mainly its tramps who are kidnapped-people with no ties but the so called Church of the One True God specializes in sex offenders who are crucified.
In New Mexico and Texas over 100 priests have disappeared over the years and the American Government is covering it up
Information is purposely leaked out because no one can prove anything if anybody is foolish enough to investigate.
Such as a reporter working on his own time who ended up in a freeze tank

Dan B

I have spent time in all 200 internment camps for my political beliefs, and I can attest that there are no Satanists in any of them, just old DMV clerks who couldn't get used to retirement and got hired on at the camps so they could feel normal again.

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