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September 03, 2009



very nice :)


yo for some really GOOD goth tinged music try the duo named "FLOWERS OF DARKNESS" over at my blog,"SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM tons of great music you can find nowhere else in the world,mostly focusing on the ft.myers ,florida underground 80's-2000's
really cool stuff,oh,and PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON MY BLOG! thanks,GOD

Zvuki Mu

What a waste of webspace....this blog posting is!


What I love about the Psyche song is that it seems it should take off at any moment but it never does. Like any genre, a lot of the goth industrial stuff was self indulgent and over-the-top, but there is some great stuff too. Thanks for posting.


CD-R and DVD-R in 1992?

jaysen mel

Great read as always.


quibbling question, nat....none of the songs except for psyche seem to be in the goth category...sp the comparison becomes pretty arbitrary and more of a youtube posting free-for-all?

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