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October 07, 2009


Listener Ralphine

Disappointed that they didn't ask Porter Wagoner what he thought.


"Wish they'd let their hair grow" - that comical Simon Crum, he's a card.


Jimmy Newman! You sly ol' dog. I was just wondering if you had any new songs I could buy and then you mentioned "Summer Days and Golden Sand"...AND it was written in England. I'm going to the record store RIGHT NOW!


Actually, a good bit of their early output had a slight country feel. Someone is quoted in the liner notes for Apple's Live at the BBC compilation that they sounded "more country and western than most" beat groups at the time, and you can hear the rockabilly influence in that compilation.

Mr Fab

I believe that they wrote their own responses - they were as non-committal as it gets!

Murry the Quay

I imagine Liverpool record shops were packed to the gills with great country records due to the large US G.I. presence. Seems like you were much more likely to run into real country records and real blues records in Liverpool than in many parts of the US.

johnny john

There's a similar thing (probably wasnt answered by the Beatles themselves) from the time where Goerge Harrison lists his favourite music as "Hillbilly"

Dale Hazelton

Now you got me wanting to hear "The Three Bells" by the Browns.

Richard Astley-Clemas

Liverpool always had a strong country music tradition-Bobby Bare came over here to record an album with the Hillsiders
Possibly the first pure country album of Beatles songs was BEATLE COUNTRY by the Charles River Bluegrass Boys on Elektra.
Bear in mind also the music which influenced them-Carl Perkins who at the time had about 3 albums on release

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