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December 06, 2009


Jeff Norman

Plus, real people - especially real farmers - do not use corporate intercapitalizations. "Mary Jane" - not "MaryJane." Grrr.

rusty beltway

A good example of what could be called "Fake Authenticity."

See "Fake Authenticity: An Introduction" by Joshua Glenn from Hermenaut mag

This quote begins the article: "We have a hunger for something like authenticity, but are easily satisfied by an ersatz facsimile."-George Orwell, c. 1949

Stephanus Maximo Phallo

Apparently, real farmers don't know the difference between "Janes" (=more than one Jane) and "Jane's" (=belonging to Jane). Are they implying that farmers are illiterate? How condescending is that?

Matthew Capri

Magazines failing is not a new thing, Brill's Content is the prime example. Do you mean the difference now is of a category other than quantity of publications going under?

Seth Watter


Deluxe beds become treehouses! "It's not where you live, but how you live"

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