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January 13, 2010



My latest favs:

Indonesian library?

Arabic piano

Shameless self promo: aboombong, asynchronic now featured at FMA

Doug Schulkind

Hey Icastico,
The best self promo is shameless self promo. Go for it! And thanks, as ever, for your thoughtful additions in the comments.



Thanks so much for the link to the Flora Molton LP!


Whoah! Jay Reatard died in his sleep!

Nat Roe

Ougenweide is one of my favorite bands of all time...I listen to that album all the time. So great.

Happy 50th!


I saw Flora Molton at the Clearwater Hudson River Festival in '86. She was on a side stage, playing to a small audience. She was quite old at the time but played well. After the show I bought a cassette from her that I still have - somewhere. It was $5.

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