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January 06, 2010



What an amazing coincidence! I missed all those shows, too.

Listener #109577

This sounds like the story of my life, except about different shows.



When I saw the title of this post in my RSS feeder I instantly wept for when I missed Fiery Furances in Chicago just before NYE. The reason? Pure laziness. Seeing that you missed them as well made me feel a little better.

Doug of Canada

Kurt, I saw OffonOff in Toronto (same little tour) and it was pretty awe-inspiring ... tied with the Ex and Getachew for favorite of '09 (although the sonic assault of OffonOff outdid the Ex by several orders of magnitude). The threat of being hit by Terrie's guitar as he slammed around the tiny space also added some extra excitement.

mark from helsinki

I heard a Beatles song playing thru my hotel window (on 7th and 51st) and thought to myself "who else besides a Beatle would have the balls to play a Beatles song that loud in downtown Manhattan?"

It turned out I, and about a bazillion other people, was right. I had chills all the way through the set, and Paul wasn't even my favorite Beatle by a long shot. I didn't even know I wanted to see it...

But it was great.

Yeah, I'm bragging a little.

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