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February 19, 2010



That first Yellowman LP is on my turntable constantly!

This concert footage of him with Volcano is incredible:



the Zungguzungguguzungguzeng was also definitely quoted in a toy commercial in the 90's that is now stuck in my head. But not stuck enough that I can remember the actual words. Just a wordless children's chorus chanting along.

This is gonna bug me for weeks.

Paul Turkk

Wha! No mention Of Rambo, Rambo, in an out the studio!?


Don't be gay. Don't make mixtapes for people you like, especially with a song like AIDS.


"Don't be gay"? Are you from the island yourself? I understand that homosexuality is still illegal in Jamaica. :(


Gay is okay.

Don (trip dub)

I worked on the CBS 12" remix of 'I'm getting Married in the morn' b/w 'Young Man'. I have a digi 8 of Yellow at Reggae Carifest 2 years ago. Need to txfr and edit down for posting on youtube. Need help. Thx

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