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March 18, 2010


DJ ManRich

I've noticed that in NW area thrift stores, there's a glut of weird-ass gospel records lately. I don't know if there's a wave of oldsters passing on and their records are being dumped into Goodwills and Salvation Army stores or maybe it's the rapture and their records are being left behind.
Lately, I've been finding lots of Little Marcy records, Merrill Womach and even The Braillettes.
I did a whole show of mostly thrift store records here:


Scoop Nisker is an old colleague of mine from the late great KSAN-FM in San Francisco in the 70s. He had one of the great sign-off lines in radio: "If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own."

Since getting out of the radio news racket, Scoop has written several terrific books on various phases of spirituality. He's a well-known member of the U.S. Buddhist community, using his pre-Scoop name, Wes Nisker.

The album is typical of his great radio work. I haven't heard it in years (where'd my copy go?) -- any chance of digitizing & posting the whole thing?


Great post! Keep it up!


Man I love your posts. My favorite thing on WFMU blog!

Nat Marchiano

Reference your Sonny Styles recordings of Sader Man and Ghost Hall, those were written by my brother Nick Marchiano. Nick took my place as lead guitar in Sonny's band, The Kingsman, in mid 1964 and stayed with Sonny as he transitioned the band into Aesop's Fables for about two years before moving on to play with various other Long Island groups. Nick passed away of a congential heart problem at age 33 in 1981.

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