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March 26, 2010



Bill Hicks said it best with his 'non smokers die every day' bit. One thing that has crept in my consciousness lately is what some people say about their long long lives. "I'm just glad to be here another day....", etc..
That's nice for you to say, but if you are here and you do not do some good every single day, you are just wasting my air.

jim knox

Second yr sentiments. Your intro reminds me of Carson McCullers essay, Loneliness: an American Malady; also, that the word 'apartment' seemingly originates in US of A. Anyways: I'm over to London for the Ennio Morricone concert real soon, & am keen to check this show. Best to you, look forward to reading more of your posts.

Stokie Dunk

This English pedestrian often reflects on Kant's Categorical Imperative whilst negotiating dog mess and murkiness on his daily walk to work.




That's a beautiful, pure artwork that I haven't grown tired of after repeated replays.

Peter O

Yes yes yes.
One bobolink song was enough to make a birdsong enthusiast out of me.


Beats most recent "experimental" acts I've seen lately. No hour long lectures on the importance of Satie or Moondog. And they won't berate you for not recognizing their genius either.

warm milk

reminds me of my time with the Idler's Companion

It was foggy last morning home at parents' in the suburb around 4AM. And I took a stroll. For its own sake (I have been watching many Antonioni movies and it has had its effect). I guess I stayed out too long, the dog walkers and spandex leg-weight power walkers and windbreaker joggers showed up. I feel like a rebel when I cross the empty paths and/or glances with a dog walker: yeah, that's right, no dog, I'm not even exercising or heading anywhere.

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